University of Queensland Admission Talks

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Professor Sarah Derrington, the Dean of Law School and other representatives from the University of Queensland to come and deliver an admission talk for S4-S6 students on 11th October 2016. Over 70 students and 40 parents attended the afternoon and evening sessions respectively and were very much benefited.

Representatives from the UQ provided the student audiences with invaluable information and advice, such as the curriculum and admission requirements of the law and business programmes, application process, students’ services and facilities of the university etc. Moreover, a thorough introduction was given on several popular subjects such as pharmacy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

During the talk, Professor Derrington highlighted the newly refurbished law building, the renewed law curriculum with a higher quality legal education, as well as the experience of studying law and life in the university. She also encouraged students to better prepare themselves for their choices of tertiary education programmes in the coming years.