Talk on Hong Kong’s Global Competitiveness by Prof. Edward Chen

Professor Edward K Y Chen (陳坤耀教授), a renowned economist in Hong Kong and the Council Chairman of Centennial College, came to our school on the 19th of December and delivered an hour intensive talk to our S4-6 students on the topic of Hong Kong’s Global Competitiveness. Professor Chen touched upon aspects like Hong Kong’s ranking in the global competitiveness index, the per capital GDP and how our political institutions, land, education and technology policies affects Hong Kong’s competitiveness. He suggested that alternating government/party system, facilitating land supply and its processes, nurturing whole persons and improving technological eco-system are the core fields for Hong Kong to increase its competitiveness. Besides, Professor Chen also shared insights on Liberal Arts Education in Hong Kong where whole person education is valued with strong adaptability, brain power and creativity. There were over 60 students attending the talk, mostly students studying economics, accounting and business management. The majority of them, especially S.6 students, found Professor Chen’s talk very inspiring and useful for their coming DSE examination.