World Class Study in London Talk

What a great pleasure to have representatives from 4 of the UK’s leading universities: Mr. Jake Ganymede from the Imperial College London, Mr. Jason Cooke from King’s College London, Mr. David Taylor-Tumilty from SOAS and Mr. Arvind Vepa from UCL, to come and to deliver a talk on education and life in London on the 9th of January. Mr. Arvind Vepa started the talk with an introduction on the attractiveness and uniqueness of London as one of the world’s megacity and Mr. Jake Ganymede mentioned how London’s top multi-faculty universities, world-class specialist institutions, accessibility and excellent employment and internship opportunities make it an irresistible place to study abroad. It was then followed by a session on the procedures and worth knowing facts for UCAS application by Mr. Jason Cooke and a brief highlight on each university by the 4 representatives. For example, the Imperial College London is particularly strong in science, engineering and medicine subjects whereas in SOAS, students could learn a foreign language during their university studies. There were about 50 students, mainly S3 to S5, and some parents attended the talk. Some of them raised questions regarding the subject specific DSE grades, UCAS application, scholarships and employment opportunities during the 15 minutes Q&A session at the end. Once again, big thanks to all the representatives!