Talk on vet science

How delightful it was to have Dr. Philip Stott, the Associate Professor from CityU, to deliver a talk on Hong Kong’s first Veterinary Medicine Program offered by the City University. Dr.Stott gave a brief introduction on how CityU’s veterinary program is able to offer high-standard medical and surgical care for animals, and how the School of Veterinary Medicine is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic supporting technologies and facilities. Moreover, he indicated the differences between human and vet medicine with both pros and cons as well as the excellent career prospect with international accreditation after graduation. Dr. Stott revealed that CityU has received over 340 applications for only 10-15 places offered. For DSE requirements, other than Chemistry as a compulsory subject, taking Biology and Physics would be a great advantage as well.

There were about 50 S1-5 students attending the talk, and for the sake of early preparation of subject selection, the talk was opened to S1-3 students for the first time. Surprisingly, the lower form students were able to actively engage in the Q&A session with Dr. Stott where he shared some of his past experiences on animals and how developing a good character and repute being the essential qualities of a vet.