The Battle of the Books_1617 Semi-Final

Congratulations to our school Battle of the Books team which consists of six avid readers from the junior forms. Our Team has again won the Battle of the Books Semi-Final which was held in NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College in Kwun Tong on May 10, 2017 morning. This was the third time we won the Semi-Final since we started to participate in this event in 2015. About 30 teams from different schools in Hong Kong were holding simultaneously the Semi-Final in different venues. At the end of 15 rounds of vigorous oral book quizzes which alternated between teams among the six schools in our Semi-Final group, our team got the highest score and was able to get in the Final in which we will compete with 5 other Semi-Final winning teams for the Book Trivia Champion School title on May 24, 2017.

The Battle of the Books program was originally introduced to Hong Kong international schools in 1999, a special modified section was added in 2009 for local secondary schools. The promotion of this program serves to encourage reading by all students, promotes teamwork, and underscores the development of exemplary school libraries.