S1 Admission

A. Documents

The following documents are required to be submitted with the application:

1. Copies of students’ current (if available) and past (P4 to P5) school reports;
2. Self-addressed stamped envelope;
3. Copies of student work of current year (Chinese and English Compositions marked by teachers);
4. Other support documents, like Principal recommendation letter.

B. Criteria

The school does not participate in the Discretionary Places and Central Allocation system. Selection criteria mainly focus on the EDB Ranking, School Academic results, Conduct and Performance in Interview (Individual and Group). The following areas are possible references for selection.

1. Participations and Performance in ECA/CCA
2. Parents’ support to School Mission and Christian Education
3. Present Sibling or Alumni Sibling
4. Parent is on staff or Alumni
5. Parents’ support to child

C. Application Form

Applicants are advised to submit the applications from 21 Sept 2016, Wednesday (09:00) to 17 Jan 2017, Tuesday (17:00).

The Application Form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Parent should review the Application Policies to check the documents that are required to submit.

Download here : UCCKE_Application_Form

Online Application (eAdmission Form) 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the school office at 2343-6677.

D. Submission of Application

Parents should submit the application (21 Sept 2016 to 17 Jan 2017) with the non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of $50. This fee should be paid by a check made payable to“United Christian College (Kowloon East)”. All required documents should be sent in person or by mail to the School Office at the following address:

United Christian College (Kowloon East)
2 Lee On Lane
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

E. Interview

The School office will notify the applicants about interview details and time. (11 Feb 2017, Saturday).

F. Confirmation

Parents are required to confirm the enrollment of their child by submitting a completed confirmation of enrollment form. Enrollment is not considered final until tuition deposit is submitted by given due date.(April 2017)


A. 所需文件


1. 學生小四至小六成績表副本〈如未能提供小六成績,則只須提交小四至小五成績〉;
2. 回郵信封一個;
3. 小六期間經老師批改的中、英文作文習作各一篇(副本);
4. 其他有關文件,如校長推薦信。

B. 取錄標準


1. 課外 / 聯課活動的參與及表現
2. 家長對本校辦學理念 / 基督教教育的認同及支持
3. 兄姊就讀本校 / 畢業生
4. 家長為學校校友及教職員
5. 家長對子女的支援

C. 申請表格



下載報名表格: UCCKE_Application_Form

網上申請 (eAdmission Form)

對上述各項有任何問題, 歡迎致電2343-6677與校務處聯絡。

D. 遞交申請表格

家長可親臨本校或以郵寄方式辦理報名手續(2016年9月21日至2017年1月17日期間),包括遞交報名表格、所需文件及報名費港幣五十元正〈支票抬頭寫「匯基書院 (東九龍)」〉。郵寄地址:

匯基書院 (東九龍)

E. 面試


F. 確認