Wish you were here!

Due to the current restrictions in place we have not been able to host our usual open day, so we created the next best thing…Online Open Day.

6th Nov, 2021 (Saturday)

Parents and students who are interested in attending any of the following events, please sign up now. Pre-registrations are on a first-come, first served basis. As places are limited, parents and students who have pre-registered but cannot come are encouraged to cancel their pre-registration so as to release the places for others to join.

To facilitate the smooth running of the events on the day, all participants are requested to join the online events before the start of them; and those who are attending the S.1 Briefing Session should arrive at the School Hall fifteen minutes before the session starts.Thank you for your kind understanding.

Registration closed!

*For P.4 to P.6 Students only. Due to limited space, each student can only join One Taster Class on the day.


*NLC talk is for Parents & Students.  NLC workshops are for Parents & S.1 to S.4 Students.