Our S4 and S5 teachers and students participated in the InnoTech Expo 2017 and DSS STEM Fair on Sept 24-25, 2017. They attended the Innovation and Technology seminar, visited the InnoTech exhibition at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the display of STEM exchange results of the Direct Subsidy Schools at St. Paul’s Convent School.

Latest products developed by our school Biology Research Team, Media Tech Team, and Robotics Team

Our school Biology Research Team and Media Tech Team have collaboratively developed a  AR Chinese Medicine Garden (中藥園) App which was launched in the DSS STEM Fair.

Our S2 and S3 Students serving as helpers did a great job.

Biology Research Team displayed Fluorescent Cells (螢光細胞) and VR.

Our Media Tech Team and St Paul’s Convent School displayed the cooperative product of their VR Project, which was sponsored by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited.

Our Robotic Programming Team