Gospel Week themed ‘Walking Closely with YOU’ (有祢深度行) was held from October 22 to 26, 2018. It began with ‘Worship and Prayer’ held each morning for different forms. Even before Gospel Week, we were honoured to have LiveJam (a gospel team from India) to reach our teenage audience through music. There were Gospel Chapels for different forms. For S3-6, we were privileged to have西伯 to share Christian faith through jamming with our teacher, followed by a message from Rev Choi. For S2, Methodist Evangelistic Ministry (循道衛理佈道團) preached the gospel through drama. For S1, there was worship from UCCC and the message from Rev Lui. Apart from the overseas and local team, worship and testimony were organized by S6 students and UCLF (United Christian Leaders’ Fellowship) members during the assembly. UCLF members also made the pledge to be committed servants of Christ.

In addition to the formal meetings, more than 200 students and teachers attended the more casual Tue Café Pizza Lunch. It was a platform to share what they thought of prayers and their relationship with God through watching a short video clip. Other than sharing pizza, students must have enjoyed ‘Dare to Share’: buying ice-cream cones from Mobile Softee to put God’s love into practice.

Close to 40 students have converted to Christianity and 28 non-Christians showed interest to know more about our faith. May we all develop a closer relationship with Christ this year.