Mr Pedro de Oliveira, the World Champion of the Super Ball Open World Freestyle Football Championship in 2014, came to share his passion in the Brazilian Freestyle Football and demonstrate his freestyle football skill with our 6B student Geoffrey Yu in the Assembly on December 17, 2018.

2C  Jasmine Mok

From Pedro’s sharing, I’ve learned two important life lessons. To realize our dreams, we should work hard and not give up easily. And we should accept people disregard of their nationalities, we should never discriminate anyone who is different from ourselves.

Although Pedro is a Brazilian, he is well-loved in Hong Kong. He has worked very hard to become the World Champion of Freestyle Football and gain the acceptance of Hong Kong people. As he is not a Chinese person, he has to put in extra effort to achieve what he has got now. I really hope that we can all live in a harmonious world where there is no discrimination; equal opportunity should be given to all to allow them to chase their dreams.

1C  Tanvir

We had an NCS assembly in which Pedro a freestyle football player from Brazil was sharing about his passion in freestyle football. He also shared with us why he chose to come to Hong Kong and some of the difficulties he had encountered while living here.

Pedro really likes Hong Kong and considers his daughter a Hong Kong person. As Hong Kong is a multicultural society, we should all learn to understand people from different cultures. Although some may speak different languages, eat different cuisines, come from different social and economic background, we are all humans. We need to learn to respect one another and treat everyone with the same kindness.