Gospel Week themed ‘Embrace Change’ was held from October 21 to 25, 2019. It began with ‘Worship and Prayer’ held each morning for different forms. During the assembly, S1 students explored the connection between dinosaurs and Christianity whereas S3-6 students learned about Science and Christianity. The artist Sammi shared his testimony with S4-6 students in Gospel Chapel. Christian students also made use of the opportunity to share their testimony with their non-Christian classmates during Form Period.

In addition to the formal meetings, more than 150 students and teachers attended the more casual Tue Café Pizza Lunch in which Christian students and teachers shared their faith journey. Other than sharing pizza, students enjoyed ice-cream cones from Mobile Softee subsidized by PTA. There were hymn dedication and testimonies at the Volleyball Court at the same time. Even after Gospel Week, we were honoured to have Aloba Naga and his band (ANTB) from India to reach out our teenage audience through testimony and music.

Close to 40 students have converted to Christianity, 90 students have reconfirmed their faith and 25 non-Christians have showed interest to know more about our faith. May we all experience the life-changing power of God this year.