There were a rich variety of programs organized for different forms in the Book Week Assembly:

?S.1 Teacher Book Talk_ English Teachers Mr Fong, Mrs Tam and Ms Ng shared with students about their favorite books.
?S.2 Student Book Sharing Video Show_ Students voted for the most liked title among the few presented by the senior form students. The most liked title is解憂雜貨店》authored by東野圭吾 and presented by 3D Chan Sum Yuet
?S.3&4 Book Fair and Teacher Book Sharing Display_ Students enjoyed the great variety of books in the Book Fair and the special teacher book recommendations.
?S.5 Career Talk_ Dr Richard Yu from University of Newcastle spoke about career opportunities in Science.
?S.6 Developing your Dream Exercise_  Career Teacher Mr Chan led students to explore their dreams in an exercise based on James Tanner’s book, Yes, you do have time!