United Christian College (Kowloon East)

There were a rich variety of programs organized for different forms in the Book Week Assembly:

📌S.1 Teacher Book Talk_ English Teachers Mr Fong, Mrs Tam and Ms Ng shared with students about their favorite books.
📌S.2 Student Book Sharing Video Show_ Students voted for the most liked title among the few presented by the senior form students. The most liked title is解憂雜貨店》authored by東野圭吾 and presented by 3D Chan Sum Yuet
📌S.3&4 Book Fair and Teacher Book Sharing Display_ Students enjoyed the great variety of books in the Book Fair and the special teacher book recommendations.
📌S.5 Career Talk_ Dr Richard Yu from University of Newcastle spoke about career opportunities in Science.
📌S.6 Developing your Dream Exercise_  Career Teacher Mr Chan led students to explore their dreams in an exercise based on James Tanner’s book, Yes, you do have time!