Arrangement regarding the cancellation of S.1 Interview and Submission of documents

United Christian College (Kowloon East)
Arrangement regarding the cancellation of
S.1 Interview and Submission of documents

In view of the concern for the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, the S.1 Admission Interview of our school has been cancelled. Selection will be based on the applicants’ documents provided (listed below) and the ranking provided by EDB.

To facilitate the selection process, parents of S.1 admission applicants should scan and upload the following documents to the school e-admission system ( 9AM, Feb 11, 2020 to 5PMFeb 28, 2020, late submission will not be considered.

1) Completed Parents Survey (Please print and fill in the survey);
2) Primary Four 2nd Term Report;
3) Primary Five 1st and 2nd Term Report;
4) Primary Six 1st Term Report;
5) A piece of Applicant’s Chinese Composition;
6) A piece of Applicant’s English Composition;
7) Others (e.g. Certificates, Reference Letter, etc) (Optional) (Overall file size should not exceed 3MB)


  1. Documents uploaded should be in photo (JPEG/GIF/PNG) or PDF formats, the file size of each document should not exceed 3 MB, all uploaded documents should be clear. (N.B. If there are more than 1 photo for each item, please insert all photos to a Word document (1 photo per page), then save the document as a PDF file.)
  2. The school will only accept late submission of Primary Six 1st term report card (item 4). Please send it by post or in person at School General Office not later than 9 March. (N.B: To secure the delivery, parents can consider Registered Mail or Courier Post)






1) 已填妥的家長問卷 (請列印及填寫);
2) 小四下學期成績表;
3) 小五上學期及下學期成績表;
4) 小六上學期成績表;
5) 中文作文一篇;
6) 英文作文一篇;
7) 其他文件(如:證書及推薦信等)(可選擇) (總體文件大小不超過3MB)


  1. 文件可以用相片 (JPEG/GIF/PNG)或PDF模式上載,每個檔案上限為3MB, 並確定所有上載文件是否清晰。(註:若每項目多於一張相片,可將所有相片插入一個Word 檔案 (每頁一張相片),然後儲存成一個PDF檔案)
  2. 學校只接受後補小六上學期成績表(第四項),申請者家長可於三月九日或之前親臨學校或郵寄(註:可考慮掛號或速遞以確保運送)