What we ever hope to do with ease, 

we must first learn to do with diligence. 


We aim to develop a sense of belonging, to promote the spiritual unity and to nurture a caring learning platform for every house member. Each member will share enthusiasm, joy and happiness through active participation in a wide variety of House activities. Each of them can learn, enjoy, appreciate and experience every moment which he/she spends with one another.

Goal for the year:

Our ultimate goal is to nurture a close bonding among house members across different forms. We target at providing various dynamic and inspirational house activities for our members, through which they can enrich their school life and social experience.

Our House Advisors:

Mr. Tse, having been our House Advisor for several years, serves as a primary communication bridge between the school and the house. He wholeheartedly dedicates himself to providing an extensive range of quality services and care to his house members. He develops the leadership skills of the house officials by providing them with lots of hands-on experience on event promotion and organization.

Miss Ma is our new Vice House Advisor. She is recognized as a creative and talented leader. She is sensitive to each member’s needs and takes good care of all the house members.

Ms. Wong Kai Yi

5A Tang Wing Kiu
5E Fung Long Yin

2C Hau Yuet Sum
2E Wong Sum Ki
3A Chan Nok Tung
3A Au Paak Ki
3C Lor Ching Fung Aidan
3D Wong Sin Ying
3D Tsui Yi Sin
3E Kam Chi Him
4A Lau Tsz Wing
4B Ip Joy Hei Jonathan
4C Ip Tsz Mong
5A Chan Sum Yu
5A Ngan Lo Yi