A virtuous deer leaps the highest. 


The house of Virtue aims to be united and bound together as one harmoniously! Interpersonal relationship is what we care most and we believe that communication is what brings us together.

Goals of the Year:

We continue to strive for excellence, to cultivate a better sense of belonging to our house members and to give our best effort to become the year-end champion.

Mr. Chung Ho Yan

5B Lai Yat Long
5C Lee Ching Tung

2D Cheung Pik Pei
2E Lee Yan Kwok Jami
3A Kwan Chin Wai
3C Chan Sze Wing
3D Lee Hok Yi
3E Chiu Ka Ching
3E Lai On Kiu
3E Wong Wing Han
4A Kwok Tsz Kiu
4D Yau Lap Yan
5A Mok King Fung
5B Chow Jing Wai
5C Leung Hoi Tsun