Our Vision 辦學異象

To provide quality whole-person education based on God’s love and biblical principles. 本校秉著神的愛和聖經真理,為每位學生提供最優質的基督教全人教育。

Our Mission 辦學宗旨

To help students identify and develop God-given abilities and talents to their fullest potential, and become persons with faith, moral character, knowledge, culture and dreams in a caring environment. To nurture students to formulate their life direction and goals, build a positive life view, form a habit of lifelong learning, have a solid foundation for further education, acquire a sense of social responsibility and live a life according to God’s will.


Our Core Value 核心價值

God as the Centre 以神為本
Integrity 正直誠實
Academic Excellence 學業卓越
Caring Community 關愛社群

Our Belief 辦學理念

Every child is created in the image of God and has the potential to succeed. The concerted efforts of the dedicated and professional teachers, and the support and involvement of parents are critical in the education of the children.

A well-designed curriculum, sound biblical teaching, a healthy school culture and well-equipped facilities are indispensable in effective learning. Student learning will be greatly facilitated through a learning community.