S1 Admission (2021 – 2022)

Result of 2021-2022 S.1 Admission of United Christian College (Kowloon East)
– Please click HERE. (Latest result updated on: 28 April, 2021.)

– Offer letter will be sent to successful candidates by both email and post.

Thank you for your interest in United Christian College (Kowloon East). Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make and we are delighted that you are considering UCCKE.

UCCKE accepts Online Application Form ONLY. Please submit ONE Application per child.

Please save our email address (no-reply@uccke.eclasscloud.hk) to your contact list to prevent our emails fall into junk folder.

Application Period 21 September 2020, Mon (09:00)
13 January 2021, Wed (17:00)
Documents  To be uploaded with Application Form:
1. Applicant’s Recent Student Photo;
2. Applicant’s HKID Card;
Fee $100
non-refundable and non-transferable
Admission Briefing Session Click Here
Interview Date
(Allocated by system)
30 January 2021, Sat Or 6 February 2021, Sat
Admission Result March to April, 2021


A. Document

Parent or guardian should ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete. Application cannot be processed unless all required documents listed below are uploaded ONLINE before the end of the application period:

  1. Completed Application Form;
  2. A recent photo of the applicant;
  3. A copy of the applicant’s HKID Card;

All personal data provided will be treated in strict confidence and used for admission-related purposes by the school only. Information will be destroyed once the admission exercise is completed and the information is no longer needed.

B. Admission Criteria

The school does not participate in the Discretionary Places and Central Allocation system. The selection criteria are the applicant’s EDB (Education Bureau) ranking, school academic results and conduct, as well as his/her performance in both the individual and group interview.

The following are also used as references:

  1. Applicant’s participation and performance in ECA/CCA;
  2. Parents’ / guardian’s support to School Mission and Christian Education;
  3. Applicant with sibling(s) who is/are our current student(s) or alumni;
  4. Applicant with parent(s) who is/are the current or former school staff;
  5. Parents’ / guardian’s support to child.

C. Application Fee

The non-refundable and non-transferable application fee can be paid by PayPal or Credit Card through the Online Admission System.

Please ensure that the application fee is successfully paid online. A payment confirmation email by PayPal (service@paypal.com.hk) will be issued upon successful payment. Failure to settle the payment would render the application unsuccessful.

In case of problems with the online payment, parent or guardian can settle the fee, within the application period, in person to the school office by cheque payable to “United Christian College (Kowloon East)”. On the back of the cheque, please write clearly the applicant’s full name and Hong Kong ID number.

D. Interview

Each applicant will be assigned one of the above dates for an interview.

The School will release a specific interview date and time to each applicant through email and the Online Admission System by around mid of January, 2021. Please be advised that the interview time cannot be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

The following documents are required to be presented when attending the interview:

  1. Copies of applicant’s 1st and 2nd Term P.4 School Reports;
  2. Copies of applicant’s 1st and 2nd Term P.5 School Reports;
  3. Copies of applicant’s 1st Term P.6 School Report;
  4. One copy each of student’s P.6 Chinese and English Compositions which have been marked by teachers;
  5. Completed Parents Survey which will be released together with the interview notification;
  6. ONE self-addressed stamped envelope;
  7. Other supporting documents. (e.g. Principal’s Recommendation Letter)

E. Admission Results

2021 – 2022 S.1 Admission application results will be released in March/ April 2021 through email or the Online Admission System. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation letter by post. Parents are required to confirm the enrolment and pay the tuition deposit of Hong Kong Dollar $800 by a given due date.

Any enquiries, please contact our school office at 2343 6677.


– 請按此。(最新更新日子為:2021年4月28日)
– 錄取通知書會以電郵及信件的形式寄送至獲取錄的申請者。




申請時段 2020年9月21日(一)上午9時正

所需文件 填寫表格時,同時上載申請學生之:-
1. 學生近照;
2. 香港身份證副本;
申請費用 $100
入學簡介會 按此

申請結果 2021年3月至4月


A. 所需文件


  1. 已填妥的申請表格;
  2. 申請學生的近照;
  3. 申請學生的香港身份証副本;


B. 申請入學條件


  1. 課外 / 聯課活動的參與及表現
  2. 家長 / 監護人對本校辦學理念 / 基督教教育的認同及支持
  3. 兄姊為本校學生 / 校友
  4. 家長為學校校友或教職員
  5. 家長/ 監護人對子女的支援

C. 報名費用

家長需透過網上申請平台 (Online Admission System) 以PayPal或信用卡繳交報名費。報名費不設退款或轉名安排。

家長或監護人必須確保於網上成功繳付申請費用,成功繳費後將會收到由PayPal (service@paypal.com.hk)發出之電郵確認。未能成功繳付費用之申請將被視為無效,敬請留意。

如未能成功透過網上繳費,家長可於申請時段内親自前往本校,以支票形式繳交報名費用。支票抬頭請寫:滙基書院(東九龍),背頁請寫上申請學生全名及身份證號碼 。

D. 面試

申請學生將會被安排上述其中一天面試,本校約於2021年1月中透過電郵及網上申請平台 (Online Admission System) 通知面試安排及時間。學校並不接受更改面試日期及時間,敬請原諒。


  1. 小四上、下學期成績表副本各一份;
  2. 小五上、下學期成績表副本各一份;
  3. 小六上學期成績表副本一份;
  4. 小六級經老師批改的中、英文作文副本各一篇;
  5. 家長問卷 (將於面試通知時附上);
  6. 其他有關文件(如:校長推薦信);
  7. 回郵信封乙個(本地平郵費用為港幣2元)

E. 申請結果

取錄結果將於2021年3至4月透過電郵或網上申請平台 (Online Admission System) 公佈。一經取錄,家長必須於指定時間內簽署確認學位同意書及繳交留位費港幣$800,否則當放棄學位論。

如有任何疑問,歡迎致電校務處2343 6677查詢。