Admission FAQ

Admission FAQ 入學問與答

  1. As my children do not have any religious background, will it affect their chance of being admitted?


    Students’ and parents’ religious background will not affect the applicants’ chance of being admitted. Meanwhile, parents need to understand that as a Christian secondary school, high quality Christian education is provided to students. And hence, students have to attend Bible classes, devotion sessions, weekly assemblies and fellowship meetings. In addition, the school organizes various religious activities, such as the Gospel Week to facilitate and encourage students to understand Christianity.


  1. Are there any elite classes in the school? What are the criteria of class streaming in Junior and Senior Secondary?


    There are no elite classes in this school. Classes are grouped according to the proportion of gender in the form. Putonghua is used as the medium of instruction for Chinese Language in one to two classes.

    In Senior Secondary, students are grouped according to their preference of elective(s) selection, not according to their academic performance or ability.


    高中分班則以同學的選科意願而編配,同樣不設精英班 。

  1. What are the subjects available to students in the Senior Secondary curriculum?


    Core Subjects: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies (Chinese or English).

    Electives (Chinese as the medium of instruction): Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Ethics and Religious Studies, Physical Education .

    Electives ( English as the medium of instruction): Math (M1), Math (M2), Literature in English, History, Geography, THS, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, BAFS (Accounting), BAFS (Business), Visual Arts, ICT, PE.

    主修:中國語文、English Language、Mathematics、通識教育(中或英)


    選修(英語授課):Math (M1), Math (M2), Literature in English, History, Geography, THS, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, BAFS Accounting, BAFS Business, Visual Arts, ICT, PE.

  1. What were the student DSE results like in the last school year?


    The school assists students to prepare for the DSE exam in various ways and students' exam results have been satisfactory. May Glory be to God!  (Please click here for details of last year's results).


  1. Is Chinese the medium of instruction for Liberal Studies Education?


    Most students in this school take Liberal Studies Examination in Chinese. Students who excel in English can apply for admission to the English Liberal Studies class. Nevertheless, this is subject to approval by the school, and these students are required to take DSE Liberal Studies Exam in English.


  1. Is Putonghua the medium of instruction for Chinese Language?


    Students may apply for Putonghua-taught Chinese Language classes according to their preference and ability, while the school will select suitable students. Cantonese is used as the medium of instruction in the other Chinese Language classes. Please note that Putonghua-taught Chinese Language class is not offered in the Senior Secondary curriculum.


  1. Does the school offer Chinese curriculum for Non-Chinese Speaking Students?


    If students have studied Non-Chinese Speaking or foundation Chinese programs in primary school, they can apply to be exempted from the standard Chinese curriculum. Instead, they can take foundation Chinese courses and sit for the IGCSE Chinese exam.


  1. Is Bible Studies a compulsory subject?


    Bible Studies is a compulsory subject for all forms. Students are divided into two groups, namely, the Red Class (for mature believers) and the Green Class (for non-believers and new believers).


  1. Is it compulsory for students to learn a string instrument?


    String instrument learning is compulsory for students. The Junior Secondary music curriculum is divided into two parts, namely, vocal and string instrument learning. Each class forms a chamber string orchestra, and students can choose between violin, viola, cello and double bass in accordance with their interests. In addition, the school offers voluntary instrumental classes for students.


  1. Is Japanese or French a compulsory subject?


    Students must take either Japanese or French. Japanese and French classes are provided in Junior Secondary. With a view to broaden students' horizons, they can freely choose either one according to their interests.


  1. How does UCCKE assist new students in adjusting to the school?


    All newly admitted students should come to registration at school around mid-June accompanied by their parents, to be informed about school arrangements in early-September. Moreover, we offer new S.1 students a two-week “English Enhancement Summer Course” in August, preparing them for the comprehensive English learning curriculum; and more importantly, allowing tremendous interactions among them and their peers, as well as with the teachers, so that they can meet new friends and learn how to co-work in a fun and dynamic learning environment.


  1. Is it compulsory to board in school dorm? How is it arranged?


    Every S.1 student must join the 10-week Boarding Programme in turns. The Programme aims to enhance students’ self-management skills and improve their social and communication skills, as well as problem-solving and collaboration strategies through peer interaction. There are Dorm Parents (UCCKE teachers), Assistant Dorm Parent, Student Counselors and HW Instructors to take care of and follow up on students comprehensively.

    There will be orientation activities during the first week of the Boarding Programme.



  1. Is iPad essential for lessons?


    Our school promotes eLearning vigorously. In the 2014-15 school year, we initiated BYOD Programme (Bring Your Own Device) among S.1 students to achieve the goal of creating interactive classrooms. Every student has to bring his or her own Apple iPad to class, which is put into usage with parents’ consents to be managed under school policies, so that students can learn in a safe and controlled environment with appropriate usage of iPads.

    本校積極推動電子學習,自14-15學年正式開始實施中一「Bring You Own Device」計劃,以實現互動課堂的目標。每位學生必須自備一部Apple iPad平板電腦上課,而家長亦須同意由學校進行流動裝置的管理,以致同學可以在一個安全及規範的環境下學習如何正確使用平板電腦。

  1. What Co-Curricular Activities does UCCKE offer?


    Our school has a large variety of sport teams including basketball, football, volleyball, ping-pong, badminton, squash, archery, sports climbing, athletics, cross-country running, swimming, tennis, practical shooting, etc., allowing students to develop their talents and participate in various competitions as school representatives.

    Beside sports, we also provide a wide range of activities, including Student Council, Chinese Society, English Society, Science Society, Problem-Solving Society, Environmental Protection Club, Drama Team, English Drama Team, Debate Team, Campus TV, Scouts, Red Cross, Board Game Club, Model Club, Science Research Team, Astronomic Society, Dancing Team, Musical Instrument Classes, Diving Classes, Jogging Club, Robotic Classes, Drawing Classes, Ceramics Classes, Choirs, Orchestra, Company Programme, etc.

    運動方面,本校設有籃球、足球、排球、乒乓球、羽毛球、壁球、箭藝、 運動攀登、田徑、越野長跑、游泳、網球、實用射擊等校隊,讓同學發揮一己所長,並代表學校參加不同種類的比賽。


  1. Does UCCKE provide school bus service?


    Our school currently offers two routes in Hong Kong Island: (1) Central-Western Route and (2) Southern Route, and one Kowloon route: (3) Tsuen Wan Route. (1) Central-Western Route goes from Kennedy Town, via Queen’s Road West, Western Street, Bonham Road, Park Road, Robinson Road, and Admiralty; (2) Southern Route from The Belcher’s, then goes via Pokfield Road, Pok Fu Lam Road, Aberdeen, and South Horizons; (3) Tsuen Wan Route from Belvedere Garden Phase 1, via Discovery Park and Luk Yeung Galleria, to school campus.

    現時,本校設有兩條港島區的校巴路線,分別是 (1) 中西區線和 (2) 南區線,以及一條九龍路線: (3) 荃灣線。 (1) 港島中西區線以堅尼地城為起點,途經皇后大道西、西邊街、般含道、柏道、羅便臣道、金鐘; (2) 南區線以寶翠園為起點,途經蒲飛路、薄扶林道、香港仔、海怡半島; (3) 荃灣線以麗城花園一期為起點,途經愉景新城、綠楊坊,到達學校。

  1. As our family live very far from campus, can my children apply to be long term dorm boarders?


    Students living far from school can apply to be long term boarders. The school will screen applicants according to a number of criteria, including school-home distance and current dorm room availability. However, the final decision will be made case-by-case.


  1. How can I get in touch with UCCKE teachers?


    The school regularly organizes “Parent-Teacher Happy Hours”, through which parents can learn about school developments through the Principal and teacher sharing, they can also learn about their children’s academic performance from the Class Teachers and Subject Teachers. In case of emergency, parents can contact FTs/AFTs, subject teachers, D&C Committee (Discipline and Counselling Committee) or Student Counsellors directly to seek assistance.

    每年學校會定期舉辦「家長教師輕鬆談」,家長可透過校長和老師分享知道學校的發展,家長又可透過班主任、科任老師的講解, 以了解子女在校的學習情況。此外,如有突發事情,家長可即時聯絡班主任、科任老師、訓輔組老師或學生輔導員,盡快解決問題。

  1. How can I access school information?


    Our school strengthens parent-school communication via eClass intranet platform. Parents can access school information including school calendar, iMail, eNotice, eMoney, iSmartCard, student reports, etc. by logging in the parent accounts at eClass.

    學校會透過 eClass 內聯網綜合平台,加強家校之間的連繫,家長只須以家長戶口登入系統,便可取得學校資訊,例如行事曆、電郵 、電子通告、電子收費、智能卡、學生報告等,以了解學校日常運作。