Open Day

Held on a beautiful sunny day, it was a day full of activities, such as entertaining game booths, exciting sports competitions, continuous campus tours, wonderful roadshows, inspiring visual arts shows, creative STEM activities and the very informative and educational Academic Rooms. Read More …

Variety Show

UCCKE Variety Show was a delightful mix of music, drama and fashion. The theme of the this year Fashion Show was “Carnival”. The student performance captivated the audience’s attention throughout the whole evening. This was truly a sensational evening.

Swimming Gala

On Friday morning, all students and the school swimmers gathered at Victoria Park Swimming Pool. Students in their house T-shirts stayed together to support their house and the cheering teams shouted out their slogans enthusiastically to cheer the competitors. It Read More …

Parent Reading Talk

Parents were excited to learn about all the fun and educational reading activities which their children have been doing. They were also introduced to the wonderful resources available to support the student reading for learning and leisure enjoyment.

Academic Week

To enhance the lively atmosphere of students’ learning in various academic subjects, the Academic Week was launched in the week of December 16, 2019. The students enjoyed a series of activities, such as PE HIIT, VR and AR sandbox activity Read More …