The Faculty of Business is the amalgamation of three subjects, one in junior forms: Business Foundation and two in senior forms: Business, Accounting & Financial Studies (BAFS) and Economics. Our mission is to offer education in Business based on comprehensive theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge – which ensures our students’ understanding in their business life and the world in which they live, and to enable them to experience what ‘adults’ are actually doing in the commercial world.

BAFS is composed of two modules: Accounting and Business Management. They have a common foundation on understanding of the essential business areas (business environment, accounting, management and personal finance) to highlight their complex interrelationships with emphasis on different roles such as consumers, employees, entrepreneurs and investors. Afterwards, students of two different modules will have their selected focus

on either Accounting or Business Management.
In the subject of Economics, our aim is to develop students’ analytical understanding of the important economic forces with which they will come into contact as producers and consumers. We also develop students’ awareness of some major issues of economic policy in the local and international economy. During the lessons, we always make use of the current news to discuss what we have learnt and try to apply our knowledge. 

Business Foundation is specially designed for our S.3 students. The subject provides a general knowledge of the above two DSE subjects. The aim is to allow them to have a better understanding of these subjects while they are

seeking their future career path and choice of subjects in senior form. 

Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide basic and relevant accounting, finance and economics
    education, and to develop students’ analytical and critical understanding
    of the business bodies.
  2. To enhance students’ understanding of the interdependence of business
  3. To develop students’ ability to communicate through the effective use of
    business terminology and data. 
  4. To address significant global and regional issues so as to cultivate the principles of ethics and social responsibility.
  5. To attract bright, intellectually curious and motivated students.
  6. To facilitate students’ learning experience by maintaining and expanding a network of distinctive academic and business partners. 

Special Features

First hand experience

We encourage our students to go out from the classrooms and try things that they may not be able to experience in the lessons. Every year, we encourage students to run their own business in the business bazaars and the company program that is collaborated by the Business Faculty and UCCKE Open Day respectively. These provide wonderful opportunities for students to put theories into practice. For example, they will learn how to perform marketing research to decide what they should produce and how to launch their product. Throughout the whole process, they may experience difficulties. Nevertheless, we allow students to develop not only the breadth
of knowledge but also the depth of knowledge and skills necessary for a successful professional.

Understanding the real world

Students are required to update and to relate their knowledge to the real world. Students are required to read news regularly. Curriculums are designed in a way that current global and regional issues will be discussed constantly.

Links with industry leaders

We provide different kinds of visits and arrange workshops delivered by experts from different business areas.

Professional Partners

Working closely with Life Planning Committee, we regularly invite professionals of different careers to provide introductory sessions for students with a better understanding of the commercial world. 

Business Foundation (S.3 only)

Business Foundation provides a general knowledge of the three business subjects: Principles of Accounts, Business Management and Economics that will be offered in senior forms. The Curriculum of the Business Foundation focuses on the development and promotion of the technical skills that are required in these subjects. It tries to prepare students and to provide them with a better understanding of the subjects. 

Assessment Components

a. Quiz and Examination
b. Homework
c. Presentations
d. Class performance