We are an EMI school providing a diversified curriculum to cater for the needs of different learners. At the same time, we emphasize that each student acquires a high level of biliterate and trilingual linguistic proficiency, and are capable of mastering thinking skills;

Thus, we align ourselves with the following beliefs about learning:

  1. We believe that people are created in the image of God. Thus, every child is precious.
  2. We affirm that children enjoy learning.
  3. Children are intelligent.
  4. Learning should not be confined to the classrooms.
  5. Learning is not merely individualistic; knowledge can also be obtained through learning communities.
  6. Learning is not one-way but interactive.
  7. Learning is a process to construct knowledge.
  8. Learning is cognitive and can be activity based.
  9. Learning is through the study of objects so as to cultivate independent and critical thinking.

Innovative Curriculum

  1. The English curriculum is a mix of local syllabus and American Literature, so as to allow smooth transition for students who plan to further their studies overseas.
  2. The Music subject consists mainly of string instrumental and vocal training.
  3. The third language options are Japanese and French.
  4. The daily Reading Time helps students cultivate good and lifelong reading habits.
  5. Humanity subjects like World History, Geography and Chinese History and science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology, are taught in block systems to strengthen students’ basic knowledge and to minimize students’ workload of having to take three subjects at any one time.
  6. STEM curriculum focusing on coding, robotics and application of science and Math for innovation is provided.

Care for Individuality

  1. If the student’s Putonghua proficiency reaches certain level and the number of students warrants, some Chinese classes will be taught in Putonghua.
  2. Bible classes are streamed according to student’s religious background.
  3. Extensive support is given to non-Chinese speaking students which covers the provision of special English section for some Chinese medium instruction courses, English translation of some course materials, as well as simultaneous translation of talks conducted in languages other than English. 

Comprehensive Support Services

  1. Implementing a “Form Teacher and Assistant Form Teacher” partnership system.
  2. Having 2 student counselors; maintaining close contact with parents via eClass platform, PTA, monthly Parent-Teacher Happy Hour, Parents’ Night, Parents’ Day, Parents Network and Parenting Classes for parents.
  3. We care for students’ spirituality formation. School church is founded to provide a spiritual home for students and their family members.
  4. Dormitory experience provided for all S.1 intakes and other students who live far away. 


IT Infrastructure

The whole campus is connected with a high speed network. All the classrooms are equipped with computing facilities and projectors. There is one standard computer lab, one multi-media iMac Lab, a Campus TV studio, a Digital Star Lab and a multi-functional library with rich multimedia resources.

Integrated Platform for School Administration and Communication

Our school adopts eClass, which is an integrated school administration and learning management platform. eClass is used not only for automating the daily administrative work of the school but also as a platform to enhance communication between the school and the parents. The features of eClass include electronic attendance records, award and punishment records, eCircular, ePayment, eLibrary, iPortfolio, etc.  Our school has also introduced Android and iOS Parent App recently to allow parents to check student records and latest school news.

1-to-1 iPad Interactive Lesson

Information technologies are used extensively in all learning activities for real-time interaction and feedback between teachers and students.  Each student in the class is provided with an iPad to increase learning efficiency.  Parents can also check their children learning progress through the learning management platform.