The United Christian College (Kowloon East) Alumni Association (UCCKEAA) was created in July 2020. It was established in developing an official alumni community and promoting KEian’s sense of belongings to KE.

Executive Committee

Throughout the years, our experience at KE has in more ways than one influenced our perspective of life, our career prospects, and our family. No matter you were graduated at 2008 or 2018, there is always something that brings us a smile when we remember our old days as students at KE.

This year of UCCKEAA, our committees gathered from the beginning of Class of 2004 to Class of 2019.


1. Hovan Lam 林家浩 (2004)

2. Ronald Tan 陳逸晉 (2010)

3. Alina Lau 劉子婷 (2010)

4. Vivian Law 羅倚雯 (2016)

5. Dave Choy 蔡承禧 (2014)

6. Enoch Lam 林爾諾 (2014)

7. Win Chan 陳永昌 (2016)

8. Isaac Li 李誌悅 (2019)

9. Karissa Tam 譚天欣 (2020)


The UCCKEAA aims to provide a platform for alumni to support KE. In the coming year, we organize a wide range of events, from regular prayer meetings to career planning workshops that will enable KEian to broaden your personal and career networks.

All KEian, graduates and former students of the KE, are eligible to join!