House of Diligence

We aim at cultivating a sense of belongingness among all house members, and at the same time learn to enjoy and appreciate the process of doing it with a joyful heart.

Goal for the year:
Our ultimate goal is to build close bonding among all house members from different

* Boy Volleyball Competition
* Badminton Competition

Our House Advisor:
Mr. Tse, our new House Advisor, has high expectation for the house officials to be trained with the ability to organize various house activities and foster mutual support and care among the house members.

Mr Ray Tse

5D Ng Cheuk Miu
4E Lam Heyley

5A Liu Angus Chak Hei

5C Leung Wing
5E Lau Wing Tou
4B Lui Yi Fung
4C Wong Yi Hong Jasmine
4D Chu Suet Ching
4E Lai Tsz  Yin
3B Wong Cheuk Yan
3C Lee Lok Him
2B Wong Tsz Yan
2C Lee Yan Lam
2C Ng Yau Yak Carson
2E Lam Wing Han