Faith creates energy that makes success possible. 


‘Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible’ (Luke 1:37). Through all the ups and downs, House of FAITH treasures every moment of success and failures. Together, we have made lots of breakthroughs and witnessed our students achieving goals made possible by faith. We aim to inculcate good moral in all house members and boost their team spirit. 

Goals of the year:

As a two-time champion in the inter-house competition history, we strive to be the best in every competition and activity, and aim to defend the crown with our best endeavours. On top of that, we aim at developing a good relationship among committee members, as well as with our fellow house members to cultivate a sense of pride and belongingness. We intend to develop the confidence and sportsmanship among house members, as well as provide a nurturing ground for developing various skills in different aspects.

Mr. Lee Chun Fai Tompson

4D Wong Shun Lam
4B Kong Tsz Yan

5D Yip Iman
4D Keung Yeuk Laam
4D Chong Sik Hin
4B Wong Sze Lam
4A Hung Hing Wang Ark
3E Leung Tsz Fung
3D Tang Ming Yan
3C Ng Wang Hei
3B Chu Wing Yan Chloe
2D Ng Wai Yuet Sophie
2D Cheng Charlotte
2B Wong Hui Tung Hosanna
2B Lam Lok Hei