Above all things, 

REVERENCE ourselves. 


REVERENCE is an attitude of deep respect tinged with awe.
We dedicate ourselves to creating a sense of camaraderie and identity among our members, a community where we can make stronger connections, and most importantly, develop the relationship with God.


We do our best in every house competition, offer every member a chance to participate in various activities and also share joyfulness and happiness.


Various competitions (such as Boy Football Competition), house parties and gatherings, and house Camp

Mr. Tang Wai Yiu

Vice Advisor:
Mrs. Wong Chong King Ting

5D Hung Ho Ching Ian
5E Lee Cheuk Ying Cherry

5A Li Yan Lam

5D Kwok Yeuk Yu
4B Law Yuet Lam
4D Chan Chi Yung Andria
4E Leung Yeuk Nam
3B Au Tze Yu
3E Chan Wai Yan
3E Chu Tin Wai
3E So Tsz Ho
2E Cheung Hoi Ying
2E Leung Nga Yin, Aggie
2E Lin Samuel Love