House of Virtue

The house of Virtue aims to be united and bound together as one harmoniously! Interpersonal relationship is what we care the most and we believe that communication is what brings us together.

Goal for the Year:
We continue to strive for excellence and give it our best effort to become the year-end champion.

We are responsible for organizing both boys basketball and volleyball competitions, which will be held in autumn session and winter session.

Our House Advisor:
Mrs Yu was the house advisor of Virtue in the past four years and has witnessed the growth of each member! We appreciate her contributions to the house of Virtue. Now, Mrs Yu has passed the flame of remembrance onto the next generation. Mr Chan is our new house advisor. We are honored to have Mrs Yu as our House Advisor inthe past 4 years and we are looking forward to having Mr Chan leading Virtue to achieve more success in the future!

Mr. Chan Chun Yin

Vice Advisor:
Mrs. Yu Wong Mei Yung

5E Kwong Hei Long Vianna
5E Leung Lok Hei

4D Chan Halas

5A Ngai Tsz Ching
5C Wong Bai Qian Marcus
5F Cheung On Kiu Anku
4B Yuen Ho Ka
4C Wan Yau Yoanna
4D Leung Tsoi Lam
3B Lo Hei Chit
3E Jiang Fan Lap
2A Deng Zhi Lin
2A Hu Yin Yin
2A Lai Hoi Yee Carriel
2D Fung Hiu Tao