A virtuous deer leaps the highest. 


The house of Virtue aims to be united and bound together as one harmoniously! Interpersonal relationship is what we care the most and we believe that communication is what brings us together.

Goals of the Year:

We continue to strive for excellence and give it our best effort to become the year-end champion.

Our House Advisors:

In this school year, we are pleased to have Mr. Chan and Mrs. Yu to serve as our house advisors. Our advisors dedicate themselves to caring for all our house members and accompanying us at times of success and failure. Their advice and experiences contribute a lot to develop our leadership, communication and event-planning skills. We are looking forward to having Mr. Chan and Mrs. Yu leading Virtue to achieve more success in the days ahead!

Mr. Chan Chun Yin

Vice Advisor:
Mrs. Yu Wong Mei Yung

5B Yuen Ho Ka
5D Chan Halas

4B Lo Hei Chit

5B Wan Yau Yoanna
5D Leung Tsoi Lam
3B Ma Man Yui
3C Hu Yin Yin
3D Cin Chung Ching
3D Deng Zhi Lin
3D Fung Hiu Tao
3D Lai Hoi Yee Carriel
3D Yip Yan Wah
2A Lai Yat Long
2A Wong Hei Yuet
2B Leung Hoi Tsun