Mission & Service

Global Perspectives

UCCKE places a high importance in broadening the perspectives of students. We have developed a covenanted sister-school relation with specific schools in Australia, South Korea, and Mainland China. And we make friends with many other schools worldwide as well.

In the past few years, we have been accommodating exchange students from foreign countries like Denmark, Norway, Italy and Germany. Our own students have also been encouraged and facilitated to travel abroad for exchange studies to enjoy international education experience. From 2012-13 onwards, our school offers generous scholarship based on merits for short term exchange program to Australia, Germany and South Korea.

Every year, we launch mission and study tour to numerous countries reaching out to most continents of the world in half a decade. With the completion of dormitory facilities in 2009, we now enjoy the greatest potentiality in receiving foreign students and visiting educators, hence broadening students’ horizon within campus. It is our very determination to make continuous effort to enhance students’ exposure to the international environment for the sake of nurturing quality global citizens.

Mission and Service

Objective: To respond to God’s second greatest commandment which is to love our neighbor as ourselves

Education in UCCKE is based on God’s love and biblical principles, we are highly motivated to respond to the calling of Christ, to love people in the image and in the name of God so as to honor Him. “Caring Community” is one of our School’s core values. We are committed to facilitating our students to use God’s given abilities and integrate knowledge to brighten people’s lives from the local community to overseas partners.

Methods : We let our students see the needs of others; nurture their compassionate heart; and equip them to take action.

  1. Diversified service experiences: Organise service sessions for different groups for students to participate in. S1: Physically and mentally retarded groups; S2: Children and Elderly service; S3: Local Poverty Issue; S4 – S5 Global Concern and Local Campaign.
  2. Mission and Service Outbound Trips in S3 – S5: Provide opportunities for students to compare and respond to social needs in different cultures.
  3. Class-based Local Service: Organize class-based local service to cultivate peer spirit among students so as to serve together.
  4. Integration with Academic Subjects or Co-curricular Activities: Equip students to apply knowledge and skills to improve people’s lives and nurture their social responsibility.
  5. Mission and Service Team: Empower student leaders to advocate schoolmates’ response to human needs.

The Utmost : Service to men is Service to God

Students become more aware of and more ready to respond to others’ needs in a respectful and accountable manner.

Being a faithful steward of God, we provide opportunities and guide students to value people, be good citizens of the community, commit to serving the poor, and be responsive to the needy.