Shaping Life

Teaching in this changing world needs to base on an eternal principle. UCCKE adopts the Biblical truth and working closely with the school church’s pastoral team to inculcate our students with Christian values, to facilitate students to accept Christ as their personal Saviour, to help Christians develop devotion habits and lead a stable church life, to train Christians to become spiritual leaders, to cultivate students’ integrity and to facilitate students’ response to the society.

Pastoral Support

United Christian Community Church (基督教滙基堂), founded in 2004 to pastor the school community, is part of the school. It is not a church merely in the sense of the world but infused into the school and located on the school premises.

The mission of the church is to work closely with the School as one unit, providing pastoral support and a spiritual home mainly for parents and students of the School. The church has a congregation of about 170, mostly from families of the school community. The church also offers Parenting Class to UCCKE parents, over 200 parents are blessed with this quality family education in learning how to nurture their children and live an abundant life according to the biblical principles.

Tuesday Cafe

Tuesday Café is more than a regular Tuesday luncheon for students; as during each session devoted teachers voluntarily spend their personal time to shepherd students and accompany them to have a faith seeking journey. Students with different faith backgrounds or interest will be assigned to small cell groups like Project Gabriel, God Talk, Disciples, Caring Missionary, Kids and Students’ Worship Team. Special programs with praise and worship, mission and service, and personal testimony are also arranged for the whole school community.