Jesus’ parable on talents (Matthew 25:15) indicates that people’s achievement depends on their attitude towards their God given talents. This belief forms the skeleton of gifted education in UCCKE. As we believe everyone has God given talent, gifted education is not only designed for individual students, but to help everyone to explore their gifts.

Self-exploration and Companionship are the focuses of our gifted education. Students can be nominated by teachers, parents or themselves to join various on-site and off-campus gifted programs. In addition to the regular program, we help high academic achievers and gifted students to identify their own life-long mission.


The man, to whom much is given, will have to give much (Luke 12:48). It is our responsibility to explore our potentials and to develop our strengths to the full. Since 2011, the school has launched “Dream Project” to encourage students to further develop their strengths. There are total seven successful applications in the last couple of years.

Projects include: book publishing, song composition, social service, trading experience, science research and creative art work. All their works should be in line with the school motto. A judge panel is established to review the applications, which encompasses the principal, teachers of Student Achievement & Gifted Education committee, parent representative, and the Student Council Chairperson.