C.O.S.T stands for “Connect Our Students Together” which is the vision of our office. As the bridge of communication between the school and students, we planned to have regular meetings with the Principal. We attended meeting with the lunch supplier and proposed a dress casual day on the last school day of 2019.

Furthermore, we would also like to make our entire school atmosphere to be more harmonious and strengthen the bond within classes. Therefore, we held a teacher-student basketball tournament and planned to have more class activities.

In addition, the acronym also stands for “Change Our School Today”, we had a long term plan of reforming the student council to make it more all rounded; for example, implementing “sub-committee” system, shifting the election date to the end of the school year.

As part of the reformation, we would like to have more lower form students to be involved, like recruiting them into the sub-committee, thus, strengthening their sense of belongingness to UCCKE. And we have also provided a variety of service to students, like providing the “lost and found” service, and selling hand warmers and stationery, etc.

Our aim was to provide a unique and unforgettable school year for our fellow classmates. We started to promote class activities, like playing basketball and football, in each form.  Regular meetings with our food supplier were held to ensure that the food quality and the service would be enhanced. In January, we continued the tradition of the student council photo booth. The frame of the photo was designed by our members, the guests were attracted by the allure of the design. Near the end of the school year, the “KE • inside out” was held to strengthen the bonding among classmates and help them wind down.

3 vs. 3 Teacher and Student Basketball Match
By C.O.S.T.!

In the Winter Session, a match was organized for teachers and students to join. As we would like the S.6 students to be able to join this activity, so the planning started in the Autumn Session and the actual match took place in the Winter Session. This activity attracted many students to join and watch the match. The whole activity ran smoothly. We kept designing new activities for students and teachers to participate in.

Chairman: 6B Leung Shing Hei  
Vice Chairman: 6C Tsang Cheung Lai Kristen
Treasurer: 6E Tai Oi Lam
Secretary: 6B Yeung Wing Yin 
Activity Director: 5B Wong Tsz Tsun
Vice Activity Director: 5D Fung Lok Kan
Welfare Director: 5E Lee Cheuk Ying Cherry
Vice Welfare Director: 3B Lee Lok Sang 
Promotion Director: 4D Tam Sophia
Vice Promotion Director: 3B Au Tze Yu