Chairman: Samuel Lee
Vice Chairman: Jessie Au
Treasurer: Matthew Fung
Secretary: Anthony Chan
Activity Director: Isaac Choy, Swing Chan
Welfare Director: Sisley Cheng, Isaac Yong
Promotion Director: Ark Hung, Cherrie Tsang
Designer: Carrie Poon, Kristy Fung

Melius is a Latin phrase which means “better” in English. In the following year, we aim toprovide better service for our fellow students, improve our school’s facilities and help our students have a better academic life. We want to reserve the previous student councils’ merits and develop a scholarly atmosphere for our students.

Believe in the influence of the student council and understand that this is an important role which connects our school and students. The concerns and opinions of our students should be valued and expressed to the school directly. Melius will communicate with the school and handle the problems that we found out. We will also provide a platform for students to express their concerns and propose their advice for improvement to construct an ideal school.

For instance, the non-slip steps and washroom hygiene have been a great concern continuously. Acknowledging the inquiry from our schoolmates, Melius has started following up with their improvement and expected construction. More information will be issued to students through social media.

The upcoming year is our school’s 20th anniversary. In this momentous year, we hope that we can bring a memorable and fulfilling year to our students, teachers, and staff. For our school’s 20th year, we decided to make it different. Our first event is to design a unique jacket for this memorable year. Another event is the 20th-anniversary song. As an omissus tradition, there should be a song every five years. We want to reserve this tradition and use this song to celebrate our school’s 20th anniversary. Through the above events, we hope all school members can enjoy their school life and actively participate in the events. Melius wishes all our schoolmates, teachers, and staff can have anextraordinary year and create remarkable memories together.