Chairman: Lam Edith
Vice Chairman: Osman Wong
Treasurer: Javis Ha
Secretary: Sara Loon
Activity Director: Duncan Fung
Vice Activity Director: Karina Fung
Welfare Director: Nicole Ngai
Vice Welfare Director: 3B Lee Lok Sang
Promotion Director: Cherry Tam
Vice Promotion Director: Jenna Lam

Lumos is a magic spell in the Harry Potter series which stands for light. Wizards will use this to create a beam of light at the tip of the wand like a torch. We aim to brighten up KE students’ life and provide support to our fellow schoolmates from different aspects. As the bridge of communication between students and the school, we also hope to voice students’ needs and concerns to improve the atmosphere of the school.

Besides, we want to create a more comfortable learning atmosphere for students and to improve the sense of belonging of students in their class and to the school. We will organise various class-based activities for students to participate, students could make use of their own strengths and contribute to their class.

Although school suspension is taking place, we aim to continue the communication with the school with regular meetings with the principal and other school parties. Students can appeal to us for any suggestions or improvements to the current e-learning arrangements.