Student Council – Lyuni

Chairman: Josiah Wong

Vice Chairman: Cherry Tam

Treasurer: Wing Chen

Secretary: Thomas Ho

Activity Director: Menthu Yau, Samuel Chu

Welfare Director: Aimee Lee 

Promotion Director: Enoch Hui, Sophie Tsui

Designer: Winky Yeung, Ashley Kwan


Lyuni is a term formed with “Luminary” and “Uyuni”. Luminary stands for the leading light, a person who inspires and influences other. Uyuni (known as Salar de Uyuni) refers to a salt flat located at Bolivia, where after a glance of rainfall, the thin layer of water creates a mirror-like surface as smooth as glass, making Uyuni incredibly magnificent.

Lyuni’s biggest aim is to become the light source of our school, bringing light to every corner of our campus. Also, through delivering positive messages and holding varies of activities, we hope that students can relieve stress and anxiety from the heavy burden of studies and workload. At the same time, we, Lyuni, hope to prove ourselves like Uyuni, tackling issues on our campus faced in the previous years, bringing the best side of our school to the surface.

We have a strong belief of spreading positivity to students through various activities and campus environment enhancement to create a relaxed studying environment. We start by addressing different issues in different areas of the school and implementing improvements. For example, we will add more microwaves at school to reduce the time students spend queuing for heating their meals and improve the chaotic queuing situation. To add on, we will have positive broadcasts in the school. We will adjust the content according to different situations, aiming to fill students with positive energy and vitality as they start their day. In addition to students, we also aim to alleviate the stress and fatigue of teachers and fill them with positive energy. Therefore, we will install high stools in classrooms to reduce the fatigue of teachers standing and teaching for long periods of time.

Throughout the coming year, we hope to host more diverse competitions for students to showcase their special talents. The variety of competitions include dodgeball, switch gaming and assembly quiz contest. We hope to fulfill our aim by organizing such events while at the same time, students can enjoy the excitement brought by the competitions, thus allowing them to feel more involved in school life which can enhance their sense of belonging towards the school.  

We hope that all students and staff members can enjoy a better school life through the events and improvements we will do. Lyuni wishes you all a joyful and astonishing school year.