Chairman: Nicole Ngai
Vice Chairman: Javis Ha
Treasurer: Halu Chan
Secretary: Alina Tsui
Activity Director: Tiss Chan
Welfare Director: Aggie Leung
Promotion Director: Jasmine Yip, Cherry Tam
Designer: Kristy Yip, Constance Kong

NOVUS is translated as ‘new’ or ‘renew’ in Latin. NOVUS can also be interpreted as Novelty, Opportunity, Variety, Unity and Satisfaction. These are the spirits we would like to bring to the UCCKE family. On the one hand, we strive to create an open and innovative atmosphere in UCCKE via different channels; while on the other hand, we try to think out of the box to implement new ideas collected from our fellow stude

The first and unprecedented welfare already realised in this school year is the ‘emergency napkin toolkit’ available on the first, second and fourth floors female washrooms. We truly hope that this will benefit all female students in UCCKE, and to give them a helping hand when they face unpleasant and embarrassing moments in the washroom. Installation of the napkin boxes has been completed on the selected floors before this academic year starts. After one month of observation on the feedbacks, we will follow-up with Dr. Cheng and seek for the approval to install the napkin boxes in the female washrooms on the remaining floors.
Joint-school activity is one of the items top on the UCCKE fellow student’s wish-list. This year, NOVUS will initiate our collaboration with different schools in the nearby areas to organise some joint-school activities. We are proposing to hold the first ever inter-school dance competition in UCCKE in October. We are also attempting to organise a Christmas Ball event in December. Please stay tuned for any further updates.


NOVUS is determined to deliver the following innovative missions in the coming school year:

  1. Improve student’s welfare
  2. Connect teachers and students and deepen their bonding
  3. Initiate joint school activities and mock papers exchange
  4. Enhance transparency of the school’s affairs 
  5. Collaborate with different stakeholders such as UCLF and class committees