The focus of this year Book Week is to promote eReading.

  • S.1-6 Fun with Rosen eBook_Online Quizzes
  • S.1-6 eReading Platform KOL Competition
  • S.1-4 Lexile Challenge_Dec 7-9 Lunch Time Activity
  • S.1, 2 Christmas Holiday eReading Scheme with Lit Pro
  • S.3, 4 Christmas Holiday eReading Scheme with LightSail
  • S.1-5 聖誕假期電子書閱讀獎勵計劃_Hyread

First Lexile Challenge Winner :
Sitchon Kaireen Jhanzelle Rosario 1C

Second Lexile Challenge Winner :
Lee King Sang 3A

  • Kaireen has obtained a very significant Lexile Growth in the Lexile Challenge, which is 387L.
  • The Lexile Score she got on Dec 7 is 1333L, as compared to 946L obtained on Oct 11, 2021.
  • King Sang has obtained the Lexile Growth of 16L in the Lexile Challenge.
  • The Lexile Score he got on Dec 8 is 1151L, as compared to 1135L obtained on Aug 31, 2021.