Visit by Pacific Hills Christian School (Dec 12)
Teachers from our sister school, Pacific Hills Christian School visited our school and had the opportunity to meet with our students, teaching staff, and supervisor. 
Visit by Academic Staff from ICU & ANU (Dec 1)
A warm welcome to academic staff from overseas universities – Professor Morishima from International Christian University, Japan and Mr Frank Liu from Australian National University, as well as Ms Eve Ching (Education Officer, Australian Consulate-General). Looking forward to our collaboration in the coming days.
Singapore International School (SIS) Visit (Nov 21)
We visited Singapore International School (SIS) along with the principal and the teachers from Queensway Secondary School in the morning. SIS shared with us about their English & Science curricula, social service program and student development programs, and how they promote holistic development of the students.
Visit by Queensway Secondary School (Nov 20)
Mr. Tan, Principal of Queensway Secondary School, visited us along with his team of teachers today, having class observation and professional exchange with our teachers
Visit by Senior Leadership Team from Pacific Hills Christian School (Nov 17) 
We had the privilege of hosting the Senior Leadership Team from Pacific Hills Christian School, along with the Principal from White Rock Christian Academy. We are immensely grateful for the enriching and productive dialogue we had on Christian education. May God continue to use our schools as channels of His blessings.